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Lacrosse Trainingsmateriaal

The Best Lacrosse Training Equipment – Trust The Experts

Net World Sports has a varied range of Lacrosse Training & Practice Equipment to keep your lacrosse team in fine form all year round, whether they’re college students or professional Major League Lacrosse players. Why not upgrade your lacrosse workouts with brand new lacrosse training equipment?

From coloured training pinnies and marker cones to specialist equipment such as lacrosse rebound nets and target sheets for lacrosse goals, we stock everything you need to set up awesome training drills and work on specific skills.

The best Lacrosse rebounder net comes in the form of our large Lacrosse rebounder training aid. It comprises of an adjustable steel frame which stands at 8ft high and fine mesh which is held in place with tensioned springs give a rebound surface of 4ft x 3ft! The frame also includes rubber points on the base to ensure it has excellent stability on all surfaces, whether you are practicing Field Lacrosse or Box Lacrosse.

If you are looking for a more compact rebound net that folds flat for easy storage, try our RapidFire Lacrosse Rebound Net. Available in single or double sided options, these rebounders are really simple to set up and versatile in Lacrosse training. Bounce back lacrosse balls to improve your players’ reaction times, agility, catching and passing skills, plus pair this rebound net with slalom poles, marker cones and hurdles to create superb Lacrosse workouts for attack and defense players too.

Whether you purchase the double sided lacrosse rebound net or the single sided model, you will add a fun yet challenging element to your practice sessions. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor training drills and can also be used in a range of other sports such as baseball, soccer, tennis and cricket.

The Lacrosse goal target sheets are also a fantastic way to create lacrosse workouts for goalies and attacking players. You can easily attach each one to the front of your Lacrosse goal frame using the included elastic ties which are really quick and simple to secure in place. The different sized holes in the target sheet will help your attacking players to practice those all important shooting skills whilst your goalkeepers can work on defending the goal. Goal target sheets are ideal as goalie training equipment for solo practice on the driveway at home with your Lacrosse goal or during training drills with the team.

Pop-up target goals are also available for more specialised Lacrosse workouts. The FORZA Flash Pop-Up Target Goals are designed to improve the accuracy of long distance shots and are available in a range of sizes for varied target practice training. They only take ten seconds to assemble and thanks to the included ground pegs, they can withstand windy conditions and long distance shots from a range of sports.

If you are looking for a lacrosse practice net that can handle short distance shorts too, we recommend the Portable Multi-Sport Hitting Net. Measuring 7ft x 7ft this training net is ideal for practicing your stick skills without damaging your surroundings or losing lacrosse balls. It is very simple to assemble and even includes its own carry bag so that you can transport it between training and home use.

With so many Lacrosse balls needed for lacrosse workouts and training sessions, why not get your team one of our Ball Carry Carts? With a durable steel frame and strong netting this portable cart will safely transport and store multiple lacrosse balls during practice sessions and match environments. This carry cart can even be used with tennis balls, field hockey balls and baseballs too, it is a versatile piece of training equipment for schools, activity centres and professional clubs.

As well as specialised lacrosse training equipment, Net World Sports also stocks a range of training equipment that can be used in most sports, which makes them perfect for all sports establishments, schools and colleges too.

Our wide variety of training markers cones can be used to dodge between in agility training, mark our mini pitches in group practice sessions or run between in speed training. There are multi-coloured training cones, orange, yellow and white training cones to choose from. We also stock the FORZA Training Cone Pick-Up Tool which comes in handy after practice.

Whilst our range of Slalom Poles can be positioned in a variety of different ways and give players something to dodge and weave around in order to recreate match situations in training, they are designed to improve footwork and co-ordination in Lacrosse.

Our Lacrosse equipment range also includes Lacrosse goals and netting too. The high quality lacrosse goals are all regulation size 6ft x 6ft and include strong white goal nets as standard. Every lacrosse goal is built to last yet these professional lacrosse goals do not include the huge price tag of other brands.

The Backyard Lacrosse Goal is designed for training, practice sessions and home use with Lacrosse players. Whilst the Professional Lacrosse Goal is specifically constructed to meet the NCAA regulations which makes them ideal for schools, colleges and Major League lacrosse teams to use in games or Lacrosse training. Each of our goals are powder coated in the traditional orange colour and include white nets too.

Improve your Lacrosse game with our range of practice aids. Net World Sports stocks everything your lacrosse squad will need to reach their full potential. Our specialist lacrosse rebound nets and RapidFire Rebounder are the best aids to improve throwing and catching skills thanks to their unpredictable and adaptable bounces. Our great range of marker cones, training hurdles, and slalom poles are the best way for you to stage professional-quality practise drills to improve speed, footwork, coordination, and teamwork.

All of our lacrosse training equipment is ready to dispatch from the Net World Sports warehouse, so with our fast delivery you could be leading a practice session as early as tomorrow, depending on your location. We provide our customers all over the world with speedy delivery to ensure they spend less time waiting for the delivery and more time playing!

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